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Feel One Size Smaller

Premium Legwear for Cabin Crew

hop on board

loved by cabin crew

They are comfortable to wear all day, ideal for women who work on their feet.

Naturally Simple

A sustainable approach to packaging that does not compromise quality.

Word of Mouth

Whether you're wearing a skirt or trousers, our tights will make you look good with a slim figure. They tuck in your tummy and firm up your hips and thighs. These are not compression tights. They are an ideal full support pantyhose if your work requires long hours of standing and walking like mine, making you feel slim and sexy at the same time. See what my colleagues think about them!

“Hey I’ve got your tights on and they are amazing, they make me feel skinny :-)”

SIOBHAN, East Midlands

“The fabric is so cool. I mean literally cool and glossy-like..no more rubbing thighs against each other

MIA, East Midlands